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Cloud Paper makes bamboo toilet paper to save the trees

Cloud Paper makes bamboo toilet paper to save the trees

According to Cloud Paper, a bamboo paper product maker, humankind currently cuts down an acre of forest every second. In 2021, Cloud Paper saved 10,000 trees. They did so by replacing traditional paper products with bamboo products and offsetting carbon via reforestation initiatives. Now you can get involved.

Toilet paper made out of bamboo

So far, 15,726 trees have been saved by Cloud Paper. This year, the company pledged to save 22,000 trees in 2022. They are enlisting consumers to help with the #FreeTheTrees challenge. 

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A toilet paper roll in the middle of green leaves

However, why does toilet paper make such a difference? Toilet paper, tissues and paper towels are usually made from 75-year-old timber. By using renewable, fast-growing bamboo, Cloud Paper saves thousands of trees from needlessly being cut down for single-use products.

A roll of paper towel and a roll of toilet paper

Furthermore, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. They can be harvested after just three years. This makes bamboo a more renewable resource for paper products, and an easier resource to replant. Cloud Paper says that if everyone in the U.S. switched to bamboo toilet paper and paper towels, we would save 526 million trees every year. 

A roll of toilet paper

To offset carbon used in their product manufacturing, the company also planted 4,831 trees through reforestation initiatives. The bamboo is sourced from responsibly-managed forests where it grows as a native plant and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. 

Two rolls of paper towels

Moreover, Cloud Paper promises a clean, lint-free wipe. If you are looking to replace a product you use with a more sustainable alternative, consider a subscription to bamboo products from Cloud Paper.

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