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Clean the air in your home with green walls from Naava

Clean the air in your home with green walls from Naava

You know those sort of cool-looking, futuristic air purifiers that you sit in your house somewhere and it sits there like something from Star Trek? Naava is not that. In fact, this is more of an old-fashioned air purifier. This air purifier uses plants to improve the air you breathe.

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A green wall in a white conference room

Naava uses a mix of ancient technology and simple mechanics to purify the air all around you the natural way. Air is absorbed by the green wall of plants, which grow without soil. Thanks to fans, the air is returned cleaner back into the room through fans in the back of the purifier.

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A planter set up beside a low drawer

Additionally, the roots absorb chemicals and toxins in the air to leave only fresh oxygen. Smart technology monitors the system, tracking its functions. When needed, this air purifier can even repair itself. You connect to it with your smartphone to monitor your air quality.

A man holding a plant to his belly

The design itself doesn’t look like something high-tech. It’s sleek and elegant, a short vertical wall of green that looks like a modernistic planter. Behind the foliage, fans are churning out purified air that improves your air quality.

A man holding a plant with both of his hands

Specifically, plants have been purifying the air for a long, long time. Environmentalists say it’s trees and plants, not high-tech solutions, that will do more to repair the damage done to the planet over the last century. Green walls like this also create gorgeous décor for any space. And plants have been proven to increase health and even happiness when they’re added to home interiors.

A man standing beside a green <a href='https://cavtiles.co.uk/product-tag/553' target='_blank'>wall</a> facing a woman sitting down in a chair” class=”wp-image-2347669 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/06/Naava-Air-Purifying-Green-Wall-889×592.jpg” data-idx=”5″ data-postid=”2346137″ width=”889″ height=”592″></figure>
<p>Furthermore, pollutants cause scratchy throats, headaches, itchy eyes and a host of uncomfortable symptoms. According to the <a href=EPA, everyday pollutants in the air can lead to long-term health risks such as cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease. Purified air is the way to fix this. And nothing on the planet knows more about purifying air than the plants that have done it for millions of years.

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