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Choosing Your Own Adventure in 30×30

Choosing Your Own Adventure in 30×30

September’s webinar — our 41st webinar in the ‘First Friday Webinar Series” supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation — covered some of the questions and concerns that can arise as different zoos, aquariums and museums “choose their own adventure” in 30×30. The webinar was hosted by Douglas Meyer, coordinator of the working group for The Ocean Project, while Dani Hogan, Director of Mission Integration at the Philadelphia Zoo, and Dr. Erin Meyer, Director of Conservation Programs & Partnerships at the Seattle Aquarium, served as panelists.

The panelists proved to be ready, willing and able to answer questions and discuss ideas about effective ways to integrate support for 30×30 and the America the Beautiful Initiative into outreach and engagement activities, including but not limited to drawing upon the tools and resources that they have helped develop as part of the zoo, aquarium and museum working group on 30×30. The full recording can be found here.

The panelists highlighted ways that work both to engage the public, and inform policymakers such as the “recording booth” concept as developed by the 30×30 Working Group:
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