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Bondi Beach famous historic surf club is getting a new look

Bondi Beach famous historic surf club is getting a new look

People all over the world have heard of Australia’s famous Bondi Beach, home to the oldest official surf lifesaving club. Soon, it’s going to be completely transformed. The new design is going to honor the natural world while protecting this historic piece of Australia’s coast.

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An aerial view of the North Bondi Surf Club building set behind a beach

The new design will celebrate the local heritage of this area. Terracotta will be used to create wavelike shapes that echo the waves of the ocean. The terracotta will protect a courtyard and the nature within.

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A building set in front of a beach

Additionally, the design both restores and preserves the 1934 clubhouse, with a few modern extras. The entire first floor will be changed and filled with steel and glass to create incredible views of the ocean all around. A cantilevered roof protects the attached outdoor verandah. Meanwhile, a new surf museum will open in the existing heritage building. The heritage building will also still hold changing rooms. Now, however, the female change rooms will be expanded and doubled and will be the same size as the men’s.

An interior museum space filled with framed items on the walls

New amenities include the youth room, enhanced access for disabled people, a gym, office space, training spaces and educational spaces. The design will provide protection from strong winds to create sheltered public areas. These areas will have access to showers, drinking fountains, bicycle parking and natural vegetation.

A yoga instructor demonstrating in front of a class

The Waverly Council set a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Thanks to the Solar My Club program, the North Bondi Surf Club received a new solar array. The Bondi Surf Club will also have a new, 60-panel solar system. And that’s just the beginning. The building envelope keeps the design energy efficient. Natural ventilation is integrated into the design to lower cooling costs. Furthermore, broad eaves provide shade to reduce solar heat gain.

An outside pavilion area with a shaded roofing

Water-sensitive and urban landscaping design will increase public green parklands, which will almost double in size under this new design. Efficient fixtures and fittings throughout the building will reduce water consumption. There’s even a shared refuse station that is part of a recycling program.

A tiny model of the North Bondi Surf Club held by two hands

Multiple companies and councils worked on this project: acoustic engineer Acoustic Studio, arborist Laurence & Co., Dominic Steel Consulting Archaeology, heritage architect Urbis, Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture and various engineers and building designers Lockhart – Krause Architects.

+ Lockhart-Krause Architects

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