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Bike Benefits: 6 Reasons To Pedal Power Your Commute

Bike Benefits: 6 Reasons To Pedal Power Your Commute

What’s the one mode of transport that won’t fail you if you forget to top up your tank, can help you shed extra weight, isn’t likely to get you stuck in the middle of a traffic jam, and is very wallet-friendly and planet-friendly at the same time?  You’ve guessed it right — it’s the bicycle.

Here’s a short list of the benefits of bicycling that may have you wondering why you aren’t already making your daily commute by bike.

Pedaled fun: Mood benefits of biking

Are you feeling weary, lethargic, or dull around the edges? An invigorating bike-powered commute to work will awaken your senses and energize you for the workday ahead. You never know what may happen on your way to work, who you may meet along the way, and what sights you may see while pedaling away on your trusty bike. What’s more, exercise prompts mood-enhancing endorphins and helps relieve stress.


Trim down your waistline: A trip to keep you fit

Another benefit of regular bicycling, keeping fit and in shape is a given with a muscle-powered two-wheeler. For best fitness results, start with an occasional cycling trip and work your way up to regular rides across various terrains. A great cardiovascular workout that can help you shed extra pounds, cycling can do wonders for your lower body and back muscles, too.

A strong heart: Work up a sweat

Your pedal-powered cardiovascular workout offers many other health benefits besides burning fat; it’s part of a heart-healthy lifestyle. Biking increases heart rate and contributes to a better exchange of oxygen in your blood vessels. But if you’re just starting out, don’t push too hard too soon. A moderate biking pace will get your heart pounding just the way it should be.

Save money on fuel: Wallet-friendly transport

Biking to work will significantly reduce your fuel costs while helping you stay healthy and in shape. With soaring fuel prices, this is no small thing. For maximum budget savings, once you’ve started cycling to work, consider swapping your car or motorbike for other trips around town. Your pedal-powered ride will get you where you need to be without costing you an arm and a leg (unless you’re an awfully reckless cyclist, that is).

No traffic jams: Say goodbye to bottlenecks

If you’re used to battling heavy traffic on the way to work, you’ll especially appreciate this aspect of your bike commute. You can easily maneuver your bike around traffic jams and bottlenecks. You may even find your pedal-powered commute is more time-efficient than your old gas-powered commute.

Eco-friendly track: help save the planet

By cycling instead of driving, you’ll be helping the planet, not just your wallet and figure. Cycling involves no carbon dioxide emissions or other harmful pollutants to contaminate our air, water, and soil. So when you switch from a car to a bike, you can feel good about reducing your transportation carbon footprint and taking action to help stop climate change.

With the right cycle and bike accessories, the world can truly be your playground: fun, fast, green, health-beneficial, cost-effective, and good for your figure, biking may well be the future of transport. So, are you ready to hop onto the saddle and set out on a ride of your lifetime?

Content courtesy of John Stone, editor at SmoothDecorator. Originally published on June 22, 2015, this article was updated in May 2022.

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