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Best of Earth911 Podcast World Refugee Day Special: Actor & Activist Ger Duany on the Path to Hope & Shared Prosperity

Best of Earth911 Podcast World Refugee Day Special: Actor & Activist Ger Duany on the Path to Hope & Shared Prosperity

Turn World Refugee Day into positive action. Join a very special conversation with actor-activist Ger Duany, who escaped from life as a child soldier during the civil war in Sudan to become a model, actor, and international advocate for refugees and environmental responsibility. Ger points out that we are entering an “Era of Displacement.” This phrase succinctly captures the dire planetary predicament we face due to climate change. We also talk with two of Ger’s partners in his advocacy work on behalf of refugees, Newday Impact Investing CEO and our frequent guest Doug Heske and Bernice Romero, executive director of the Norwegian Refugee Council USA, a humanitarian organization that helps people forced to flee from disaster, war, and climate change build a new future for themselves. 

Actor and refugee advocate Ger Duany
Actor and refugee advocate Ger Duany and his colleagues at Newday Impact Investing and the Norwegian Refugee Council USA are our guests on Sustainabiity in Your Ear.

Ger’s life journey started in South Sudan, where a generation of youth known as “the Lost Boys” endured Sudan’s brutal civil wars. After escaping and finding refuge in the United States, Ger was catapulted to prominence in the entertainment industry with notable roles in the films “I Heart Huckabees,” “The Good Lie,” and the recent, Cannes-debuted “Goodbye Julia.” He also wrote about his experiences and journey in the book, “Walk Toward the Rising Sun.” 

True to his roots, Ger used his newfound fame to become an ardent advocate for refugees, mental health support for displaced individuals, and African environmental responsibility. Having served as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, he recently took on the leadership of the Advocacy, Corporate Engagement, and Stewardship program at Newday Impact Investing, which is devoted to corporate education and outreach to support individuals displaced by the climate crisis. We’ll explore how private and nonprofit organizations are preparing for the Era of Displacement and what we, collectively and individually, can do to alleviate the suffering of millions displaced from their homes and communities. Tune in to an enlightening and sobering discussion — it’s an episode not to be missed on World Refugee Day.

You can learn more about Ger Duany and how to support his work at gerduany.com. The Norwegian Refugee Council USA’s website is at nrc.no and follow them at @nrc_norway on Instagram and Twitter. For more information about Newday Impact Investing and its environmental and socially responsible portfolio programs, visit newdayimpact.com

This podcast originally aired on June 20, 2023.

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