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Best of Earth911 Podcast: Sense CEO Mike Phillips on Making the Inflation Reduction Act Work

Best of Earth911 Podcast: Sense CEO Mike Phillips on Making the Inflation Reduction Act Work

Mike Phillips, CEO of Sense, a developer of home energy monitoring and management devices, discusses the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on home energy and EV charging in the United States. When the $369-billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed in early September, the stage was set for a race to reduce U.S. emissions by 40% compared to 2005 levels. Each of us can play a part, but it involves learning how to tap into incentives for EVs, home solar panels, home energy improvements, and energy-saving appliances. The profile of personal energy use will shift dramatically over the next two decades, and measurement is critical to making personal improvements. Mike returns to the show to explain how he sees our energy choices changing as IRA incentives come into effect.

Mike Phillips, CEO of Sense
Mike Phillips, CEO of Sense, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

The $299 Sense monitor tracks how much energy is consumed by appliances, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, and other devices. When we last talked with Mike, Sense had just added the Flex, a version of the sensor that tracks generator output and specific circuits. Since then, they’ve added the Sense Solar device for tracking homes with solar panels. Like the Sense devices that focus on specialized uses, planning to reduce your energy carbon footprint requires thinking about your needs, understanding your local utilities’ incentives, and the potential tax credits for energy-efficient appliances and EVs unlocked by the Inflation Reduction Act. You can learn more about Sense at sense.com.

This podcast originally aired on October 17, 2022.

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