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Amazing ATMO device makes sure you breathe in clean air

Amazing ATMO device makes sure you breathe in clean air

What’s the air quality of the building you’re sitting in right this very moment? With ATMO you will be able to know exactly what kind of air you’re breathing in.

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Two square cubes with four squares within it in different colors

The Atmocube monitors air quality to allow everyone to see what the air quality is like in their environment at any moment any time. The Atmocube works by measuring CO2 levels. It shows this level on the display screen, along with other air quality factors.

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A screen that displays the air quality numbers for a room

There are 14 sensors measuring various environmental factors, including formaldehyde, ozone, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure. There is even light level and ambient noise. One more thing this incredible little device does: It calculates the airborne virus transmission score. This actually tells you the probability of transferring diseases within an enclosed space.

The ATMO cube on a wall with the words "Reddot winner 2022, smart product"

The ATMO also has sensors all over. There’s a full-color RGB LED panel to display the PM1 and PM2.5 data. It’s even got Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1.

A person wearing a gray shirt and wearing black framed glasses holds a phone in their hands but looks across the room

Additionally, it’s USB-capable, so the device can be set up with secure passwords and connect to the local Wi-Fi network. This way, security features can be enabled or disabled and various settings can be accessed. The monitor even supports other interfaces, including HVAV direct wiring. You can even replace the logo with a company logo or image. Moreover, it can store up to one week of data on all environmental parameters. Also included is an app that makes it easy to monitor environmental factors.

The ATMO device on a wall with a person wearing a striped shirt holding up a phone to it

And when the air quality is poor? There are alerts that warn of problems as they are happening. Reviewers raved about how easy it is to use and how quick it is to set up. Air quality, particularly in communal spaces, is more important than ever in these pandemic days. This device helps you make sure that you are breathing quality, clean air at all times.


Images via ATMO

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