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Airsign has the most sustainable vacuum on the market

Airsign has the most sustainable vacuum on the market

Airsign created a vacuum that claims to be the most sustainable on the market. The new vacuum, called the Airsign HEPA Vacuum In Jet, “represents the future of clean and the next new generation of aesthetically pleasing and well-designed home appliances, built with user experience in mind,” according to the designers. Not only that, it’s affordable and eco-friendly, a rare combination.

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A woman wearing an orange shirt and brown pants stands on a grass hill holding a vacuum suction in her hand

If this vacuum seems like it comes from the human-centered design movement, there’s a reason for that. Airsign’s Joseph Guerra is an industrial designer and founder of Guerra Office, cofounder of Visibility Studio. He specializes in spatial design that is anthropologically-minded. Also, he is a pro in product development designed around the user experience, from appliances to furniture.

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A woman standing in a wooden room with wood floors holding a vacuum pointed at the ground

Furthermore, the vacuum has buttons for foot operation, has rounded edges and minimizes labels or extra parts. Additionally, it avoids glue and paint or snap fits that would make it challenging to change out parts for long-term use. It’s a streamlined vacuum for a generation that kind of hates vacuum cleaners and their history of shoddy design. To make it sustainable on top of well designed is the cherry on top.

A small black vacuum cleaner with an extension cord

“Through extensive research and design, the team has developed the most sustainable vacuum on the market — and one that is (finally) beautifully designed,” Airsign said. “Airsign’s HEPA vacuum is made of 20% recycled plastic, and its biodegradable bags means it leaves no waste behind.”

A person putting away the Airsign HEPA vacuum into a cupboard

Moreover, the Airsign vacuum has a 1200 watt motor. It aims to create the suction of a vacuum twice as expensive. HEPA-14 and charcoal filters trap 99.995% of particles, making it great for allergy sufferers. Best part, the vacuum works on any surface, from carpet, to hardwood, to tile.

A man wearing an orange robe over his clothes holding a black vacuum pointed at the ground

Lastly, the HEPA vacuum is so new, the first product shipment is in April. It costs $295. We love the thought that’s gone into the recycled plastic body and biodegradable bags. As a result, the production and reusable pieces help create more sustainable options for the vacuum market.

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