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Adaptive plug and play campus in Belgium welcomes innovation

Adaptive plug and play campus in Belgium welcomes innovation

VenhoevenCS and Geosted have unveiled a high-tech “plug and play” campus in Belgium to expand the Limburg Investment Company’s existing Corda campus. The clients wanted to develop the campus into a hotspot for innovation and collaboration. This adaptive new modern tech campus aims to help boost the local economy of Hasselt, Belgium.

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Rendering of aerial view of the plug and play Corda Campus.

The idea for the new campus is to attract talent, support an ideal climate for business development, and be a healthy and comfortable location for the people who work there. Research, education and entrepreneurship will drive the Corda Campus. The campus will also connect employees, business owners, and researchers with knowledge, innovation and organizations throughout the city.

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Rendering of aerial view of campus.

One way the campus promotes sustainability is through easy access to multiple forms of transportation and comfortable options for pedestrians and cyclists to access the facilities. “Connections are central to our campus developments: knowledge exchange, better public transport, the connection with nature, the modal shift, the campus that can be walked on,” said Danny Esselman of VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism. Green pathways allow slow traffic on campus, with parking and car traffic moved to the edges of campus to create a walkable city feel. Green corridors also connect the campus with nearby residential areas.

Map of campus plans.

The Corda Campus plan combines a sustainable power grid with adaptive building volumes. Future flexible use of building spaces reduces waste from further construction and provides options for public use of the flex spaces. The campus also follows a “plug-in” model that allows parts of the campus to be used during construction, aiming to make the campus a fully operational and attractive environment while still being built. This also helps facilitate temporary programs such as an incubator or living lab to make the space functional as a high-tech innovation district even before the full campus is completed. Energy and water systems are organized per building cluster for the same reasons.

Map of campus plans.

At the heart of the campus is a public square where the e-sports center Corda Arena can host events and conferences with up to 4,000 guests. Buildings around the central public square will feature transparent plinths to allow pedestrians to see into the offices and labs, connecting the indoors and outside. Angled green roofs with skylights blur the line between the ground, surrounding nature and buildings. Pixel-shaped facades play to the tech theme.

+ Corda Campus

Via Architecten Krant

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