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A simple home in Spain invites you to connect with nature

A simple home in Spain invites you to connect with nature

House in Pedrezuela represents a minimalist approach to living while embracing a connection between the indoor and outdoor surroundings. The client approached architectural firm Slow Studio to develop a design for the home. They wanted the house to meet their telecommuting needs with an emphasis on the surrounding olive grove and natural aspects of the lot. 

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A brick rectangular home with an outdoor patio area where there are chicken roaming around a grass front yard

To take advantage of passive design elements, the house was oriented with large windows facing to the south. This also provides a focal point away from the neighbor on the west side. To add privacy, the parking area was placed on the west side, providing a functional buffer. 

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A dining area features a circle table two two chairs facing an open floor-to-ceiling window

Furthermore, with a basic rectangular floor plan, the home offers the required spaces within the home. Each space is thoughtfully placed to take advantage of the passive solar opportunities. For example, the north walls, which represent the coldest side of the home, feature an opaque fa├žade with few openings. Designers placed the service spaces and bathrooms along the north side to emphasize views and temperature control in the living spaces that face to the south. 

A bedroom features a large floor-to-ceiling window

Moreover, a patio alongside the house contributes to natural light, ventilation and a place for the family to gather outdoors. Furthermore, the south side is protected by a pergola to help regulate heat and cooling and increase privacy. Roller blinds are used to monitor the amount of sun allowed into the space. Meanwhile, plants located along the pergola add to protection and cooling during the hot summer months. 

The back of the brick <a href='https://fivem-store.net/villa-tropicana-big-house-fivem-mlo' target='_blank'>house</a> <a href='https://rideneuron.coupons/why-neuron-scooter-is-the-ultimate-urban-companion' target='_blank'>features</a> two separate buildings” class=”wp-image-2341957 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/04/fotografia-de-salva-lopez-5-889×641.jpg” data-idx=”4″ data-postid=”2340370″ width=”889″ height=”641″></figure>
<p>The structure of the house, as well, is insulated. On the other hand, the interior design is minimalist with a focus on <a href=natural materials and wood surfaces.

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