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A mobile greenhouse to grow your garden’s possibilities

A mobile greenhouse to grow your garden’s possibilities

Many people dream of having their own greenhouse, but let’s face it, it can be impractical. The Bramber mobile greenhouse makes these greenhouse dreams easier to achieve. Bramber can be moved around as needed to get more or less sun and taken with you when you switch residences. This mobile greenhouse does everything larger greenhouses do but backward and on wheels.

Two images of a mobile greenhouse.

Bramber’s design is deceptively simple. The hardware allows the safety glass to be replaced and makes maintenance easy. The glass lid can open and be fixed in multiple positions. Two handles allow the greenhouse to roll like a wheelbarrow. Raise and tilt the windows to water plants whenever you want.

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Two images of a mobile greenhouse.

The Bramber is built with stainless steel and aluminum finished with two layers of powder coat. Safety glass fills all the spaces in between. This is a tough design made for durability and longevity. In fact, Revised believes in the Bramber so much that it comes with a 100-year guarantee.

A person standing next to a small, mobile greenhouse.

Bramber designer David Le Versha has always been influenced by history. He is a British designer who draws inspiration from the designs of the Victorian Era, using cast iron to create designs that bring this earlier style to mind. Le Versha applied his iron techniques to aluminum and stainless steel.

A small, mobile greenhouse.

The resulting greenhouse looks like a Victorian antique, right down to the style of the wheels and the handles used to pull it along. You can see the charm of the Old World in every line of the design. The Bramber greenhouse opens up huge possibilities for your home garden. Its mobility means you don’t have to stick to any certain plants or plans. You can change what you grow, how much sunlight the plants get and where your greenhouse sits. All these capabilities come with the charm of historic, classic design.

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