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3 prefab CLT condos are being built in Canada

3 prefab CLT condos are being built in Canada

The first cross-laminated timber (CLT) condo project in Toronto, Canada will make a big difference in the way people see prefabricated construction. Prefabrication is a highly effective way to create sustainable buildings that use fewer materials. Windmill Development Group, Leader Lan Developments and R-Hauz worked together to create three prefab CLT condo projects to Toronto.

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A prefab condo project in Toronto has parking spaces in front of it

To start, these prefab buildings are quick to construct. They take only eight to 12 months to complete. As a result, they create fewer emissions, less construction waste and a shorter construction timeline than condos constructed on-site without prefabrication.

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Panels of wood that are placed to form the structure of a building

Furthermore, each of these buildings are made with CLT. The material is prefabricated off-site. The total project includes 83 condo units across three properties. All three of these areas are joined by the Mimico GO Train Station. Therefore, each building is targeting LEED Platinum Certification. R-Hauz will be the design-build contractor for each building.

An aerial view looking down of a condo being pieced together on-site

Additionally, all three projects are receiving funding from One Planet Living. They are a fund developed by Windmill Development and Epic Investment Services. The fund is designed to provide opportunities in real estate development.

The wooden deck of a condo

On the other hand, CLT is made with layers of wood that are glued together and joined at angels. This creates strong, rigid wood panels. In fact, the panels can be used to build walls, ceilings, floors, roofs and even furniture. The CLT panels are easy to assemble and once they are made, they can be taken to the construction site and assembled.

An empty kitchen room where there is a wall of white cabinets, a sink and dishwater

Moreover, cross-laminated timber it’s actually highly flame-resistant. By using timber instead of steel or concrete, emissions are reduced. With the combination of CLT and prefabricated materials, the condos project in Toronto are building a better future.

+ Windmill Development Group, Leader Lane Developments and R-Hauz

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