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14 e-bikes you’ve heard of, and some you likely haven’t

14 e-bikes you’ve heard of, and some you likely haven’t

There are hundreds of e-bike manufacturers, and copious options in models to choose from. With National Bike Month coming to a close, you may be contemplating an upgrade to boost your peddle power. If so, here are some options to consider. 

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Everyone knows biking offers a cleaner alternative to vehicles on the road. E-bikes increase accessibility to biking as an option. Urwahn is out to prove every way e-bikes can be a friend to the environment with a 3D-printed frame for the Platzhirsch model, which was awarded the German Sustainability Award 2022. All models from Urwahn are made from steel, a material that is more durable and more easily recycled than carbon or aluminum frames. 

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Based out of Seattle, Washington, Rad Power Bikes are perhaps the most notable name in the U.S. They sell directly to consumers, so you won’t see them at the bike shops. They offer a range of styles from off-road to foldable to city commuter bikes and more. Rad Power Bikes offers a 14-day trial and one year warranty on every model. 

With an emphasis on cruisers and road bikes, Ride1Up offers seven models to choose from. Their mission is to encourage people to give up the polluting emissions of cars in favor of an electric bike, at least occasionally. In fact, if you pledge to replace a car trip with a bike trip at least 2 times month, Ride1Up will give you a one-time $40 discount on your purchase. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee and one-year warranty.

If you’re looking for a fat tire e-bike, Eunorau’s got you covered. It also offers high-performance bikes with ramped up suspensions, power and bigger batteries. The company’s vision is to break the glass ceiling on the idea that e-bikes limit adventure.  

Bunch e-bikes offer a range of cargo bikes with families in mind. Think you can’t take the bike to the store because you have young children and no way to get the groceries home? Bunch has you covered. These Dutch-inspired designs resemble those from a region where, notably, biking is a way of life. They’ve been featured on Shark Tank. Bunch cargo bikes are more costly than many other types of e-bikes, but fits the need as a car replacement. 

Another direct-to-consumer brand is Biktrix, a Canadian company with an emphasis on customization. Build the bike you want as if it was a strictly custom job. Start by choosing a multi-purpose, commuter, cruiser or specialty e-bike. Then build it up with your preferred color, frame, fork, brakes, wheels, batteries and more. 

Aventon models can be found at dealers across the nation so you can try before you buy. It’s a brand focused on providing a range of styles coupled with affordable pricing. Choose the right bike for commuting, off-road, folding, road riding and more. 

Swedish bike maker CAKE has placed the focus on the needs of commuters who use their bikes for more than getting from here to there. Its work series of e-bikes and mopeds cater to professional delivery persons, with accessories ranging from a cargo rack to built-in electrical outlets. The goal is to give the on-the-road professional the features they need without the air pollution

If you’re a DIY type, the OpenBike is for you. Its open-source printing instructions are ready to guide you. The bike is half wood and half standardized parts, which allows you to customize it to fit your needs. 

Long before the e-bike was the moped, a motorized yet small means of travel. Ariel Rider capitalizes on the familiarity and stability of moped riding with an e-bike design that’s got that moped vibe. It also has fat bikes and city commuters as well as storage racks for hauling supplies. 

Juiced has something for everyone. It offers a moped design, a “fun-sized fat tire bike,” a regular-sized fat tire, a commuter and more. Their claim to fame is a 52-volt battery, which was an industry leader at release. They offer a lengthy ranges from 45 to 80 miles to ease range anxiety. 

Harley Davidson isn’t a name notably associated with e-bikes, but now it can be. They’re also working on an electric motorcycle. This bike benefits from that bike-building experience with a sleek, minimalist design that reflects the premium brand. 

With a range of up to 100 miles, you’ll be covering some ground on a Lectric bike. But you can even step up from there in the Xpremium series that boasts over 100 miles of range. There’s also a lite series and step through models. No list of e-bikes would be complete without noting the affordability, foldability and comfort of the widely acknowledged Lectric XP series. 

If you’re looking to enhance the offroad experience, the QuietKat Jeep tackles the world of e-bike offroad in the same way the namesake vehicle has for decades. There are two motor sizes to choose from and a powerful braking system to counterbalance the power and weight of the 70-pound bike. 

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